DSCF0860 I am excited about what God is doing here at North Eaton, and that is why I want to invite you to join us on this journey.  Some could say that ministry is in my blood.  I was born in Virginia into a Pastor’s Home.  When I was only two, our family moved as church-planting missionaries to Australia.  It was there that I accepted Christ and there God called me to ministry.  I lived there until starting college down in Florida.  While I was in college, God blessed me with my beautiful wife.  After college, we had the opportunity to serve in ministries in Baltimore and Pennsylvania. It was after our ministry in Pennsylvania that God called us to serve here at North Eaton.

The journey is best done together; we would love to have you join us.  A journey ends in destination and our destination is to get to know and love God. As you look through our website, I hope you take the time to see some of our ministries that are available to you and your family.  If you have questions or ideas, we are always open to hearing them and communicating with you.  As always, it is our mission here at North Eaton to minister to the surrounding communities sharing and communicating God’s love.

Pastor Stephen Carter


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